In this showreel we shared some highlights from last year.

About LOOP

From Lisbon to the world, we imagine, produce and tell unique stories. Following a personal and proximity approach, we cross borders, work and combine new methods with traditional means of communication. We are a creative extension for agencies, brands and organizations. With experience, flexibility and involvement, we present the best solutions for each project.

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Branded Content

Following the philosophy of each company, we create a more personal connection between the brand and the consumers with contents produced and adapted for each platform.

Motion Graphics

It manages to pass a complex or abstract concept in a synthesized way. It is a feature that allows you to illustrate the message through animated graphics or explanatory animated videos.


Designed to promote a brand, product, or business to a broader and global segment with a strong narrative component.


Creates a link between the artist and the audience. It allows a better understanding of the music, and it’s a continuation of the artist’s identity, divulging all the talents of the band.


Magazines, interviews and documentaries are entertainment contents that allow the whole family to be gathered in front of the television.


Brands need to attract and interact with its consumers. Photography tailored to any type of support, clear and creative that delivers the credibility of the brand and results in more customers and followers.


Ana Marques Dias

Partner, Producer

Paulo Coutinho Dias

Partner, Filmmaker


Brainstorm and Concept

After knowing all the details about the history, the audience and the objectives of each client, we present some proposals that will serve as a basis for developing the concept to the production phase.

Pre Production

Depending on the intended end result, pre-production may be more or less extensive. At this stage, all the final decisions are made and the essential production documents such as script and storyboards are developed.

Production and Post Production

At this stage we can begin to collect the results of all the work developed during the definition of the concept and pre-production. Once the necessary equipment has been assembled, production begins. This phase is completed with the post-production developed later in our studios.

Delivery and Accompaniment

When the project is approved we prepare the final files to be distributed and follow the client in their implementation to ensure that they achieve the results defined in the project kick-off.

Know-how and creativity

After a few years of working with different projects and companies from all sectors of activity, we have acquired the right knowledge to take ideas further. Today we are able to present creative and innovative concepts, keeping in mind the latest trends in the market.

We believe in a collaborative environment

LOOP believes that a good product is the result of an open, collaborative and honest workflow and therefore there’s a constant search to improve the experience of our customers. All obstacles are seen as opportunities even when they seem impossible and we always find ways to make them possible. We are constantly exercising our creativity and stimulating new ways of thinking to challenge our customers.